Friday, January 13, 2012

ALL Provisional Seniority Lists - 13.01.2012

for Provisional Seniority Lists as on 13.01.2012 Pls click on the below links:

for SA to PGHM:

for SGT to SA:



  1. Hi Sir,

    When you upload the DSC 2012 merit list.

  2. sir where is avilabul 188 reguilized teacher list

  3. Sir I am K.V Suseela residing at plot no 1098 Sir I want to bring it to your kind notice that Mrs. P.Srinivasamma teacher earlier at pothanpally Narayankhed Mandal and now at KANUKUNTA(PH NO 9846889777,9394704590) Jinnaram Mandal known to me from 2006 and took Rs 1.15 lakhs in the month of April 2011 and told to me that I will repay by June 2011, once I get the loan. After that February 2012 she neither responded to my phone calls nor visited to my house. Looking at the scene I understand she do not want to repay amount then in the month of April 2012 Twice and again July, August and September 2012 nearly 5-6 times I visited to her school with the help of different auto drivers of nearby villages who stays in our area, Since I do not know the exact village and place where she works and where she stays
    Sir when I met her personally she promised in front of village people and also with the ration dealer and also her co- teachers that I will repay at Rs.10,000/- per month from the month of August 2012 i.e. on 5th of every month. When I approached on 5.8.12 and again 5.9.12 she totally changed her stance and complained to the police and dragged me to the police station and she brought old teachers by name Sri Krishnaiah aged about 70 and also YSRCP leader by name Sanjeev Reddy who convinced me that she will repay in small payments and they assured me on her behalf and nothing is materialised till date
    Sir I want to bring it to your notice that the amount given to her was not my money and it is my mother’s (aged about 78 years) gold which I kept in Union Bank of India to meet my mother’s monthly medical and other expenses from which I provided.
    Sir since she has not returned my money, and after listening this news that she dragged me to the police station my mother collapsed with High Blood Pressure. Sir please help me and do me justice in the above matter for which I am very grateful to you Sir. Sir many times I tried to meet you at Sanga Reddy. But I could not since my mother is in bedridden condition Sir kindly look in to the matter and help me, Thanking You, yours faithfully K.V. Suseela(ph no 9701741151)

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